SGA General Application

General Application


Thank you for your interest in the Student Government Association. Currently, the open opportunities in the SGA are: 
  • General Interest form (open forever)
If you would like more information about the Student Government Association, please visit our website here:
The following few questions are so we can collect some basic information, this will not be used during decision making.
First & Last Name
Preferred Name
Preferred Pronouns
OU Email
The following information is needed to validate your academic standing. According to the OU SGA Constitution (§ Article III, Section 3), a GPA & academic profile check will need to be completed before your appointment to any SGA Office. This will be done by a staff member of Student Life. 
OU ID Number
Please check the following box to acknowledge that a staff member of the SGA office staff may check your academic profile to ensure that you meet the academic qualifications.
Please answer the one application question and choose which organizations you would like to send your application to. 

If there are no open organizations or you do not see one that you would like to apply to check the "talent bank" option to be added to the email list for new opportunities.
What does it mean to you to be a part of the Student Government Association? (Recommend: 100 words, but there is no min/max)